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Hiscraves is a subsidiary company of Men Rocks Pvt. Ltd. Operating since 2016, Hiscraves is one of the fastest-growing Indian brands specializing in the apparel industry with a portfolio of various categories of apparel. It caters to one of the largest sections of the population. The brand represents the pinnacle of urban dressing and always emphasizes the quality of the product. Hiscraves, as a brand, focuses on creating new and unique designs.

What started as a modest clothing brand has now expanded across the country through various online platforms. We look ahead to making our brand available to every retail store in major cities of the country. With a strong digital presence, we have already reached the doorstep of every Indian citizen. Our focus is to cater to the clothing requirements of the population. So, with this thought and an aggressive retail rollout strategy, we aim to continue to move forward on this path.

In 2016, Mansimram Singh started the brand with the simple thought of serving the population with the best quality apparel and to date, it has received accolades from its valued customers. Being a part of Men Rocks Pvt.Ltd., an apparel manufacturing unit, we are able to generate the best quality, unlike other brands. Over time, Hiscraves has evolved from an entrepreneur’s dream to the fastest-growing brand in a short span of time. Further, we are constantly evolving and expanding the product line to cater to the needs of our customers.

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